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Learn how starting an JCU business today can help you apply the "Mechanics of Wealth" and benefit from both Leverage and Residual Income! As your team and JCU's catalog of services grow, so does the income potential of your business.


Success stories

I am full time entrepreneur working from home and I love it!!! I am a wife of 11 years of a wonderful husband and in together we have 4 children and 2 grandsons whom I love so much. My WHY and INSPIRATION are simple.I want to leave a legacy for my children and their children. In 2013 I stepped out on faith and fired my corporate New Zealand. At that time I did not know what I was going to do but I knew what I wasn't going to do. And I wasn't going to work for someone else again for rest of my life. I started my own company and during that time I became a licensed public adjuster. However I realised quickly that their is no residual income attached to it either one of the professions. Than came a special day in late 2015... I received a text from someone about a service video that intrigued me. Next thing I knew we grew an organisation to over 100 lifestyle consultants. JCU is truly been a blessing to my family.

Doug W
EGMONT, Egmont

I work full time as an insurance agent and I am absolutely blown away by what the life essential services has done for me, my wife my and especially my clients.. Our family has taken advantage of 24*7 total home tech support because of the problematic computer at home. I love the fact that all my services are within reach of a simple phone call and always there for me.. We have even used the 24*7 road assistance service when my wife's tire on her vehicle ran on a nail and the JCU team responded quickly and put the spare on at no additional charges... I recommend everyone into such life essential services because they are basic and of everyday need and requirement. The value for the price is tremendous and the service level is of top notch!!!

Kim F
NELSON, Eltham

I was born in Colombia where I lived for 20 years...and than moved to New Zealand just 4 years ago with my family... After a short while I found myself always busy getting prepared and gaining knowledge to successfully climb the New Zealand corporate ladder for a lifestyle I wasn't sure I wanted to pursue working long hours of overtime every week to be able to have more money at the end of the month after month.. I have been blessed with beautiful parents, sisters, wife and true friends that are my driver to work hard every day. So, not able to spend quality time with each of them was something that really made me think about my goals, dreams and the lifestyle that I truly wanted to build. JCU has truly made a difference in my life and help me strive to realize my true potential. With the help of a great corporate team and field leaders. I have been able to accomplish many of my goals. We all have our dreams and goals and I am blessed with the opportunity of being able to share what JCU can mean to all my family, friends and everybody who is also willing to realize their dreams and full potential.

Akaroa, Akaroa

Hi!!! I m Johncy would say every single thing, related with this company is astonishing! I`m totally in love with the services offered here, I feel safe, being a part of the company with my investment, relations, long term intentions, group I made a part of it as well. I would definitely say that I am Forever.

akaroa, Akaroa